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Modern Style Residence

This new modern home sits atop property overlooking a valley to the south with three distinct axes, creating the basis of overlapping grids that generate the home’s organic form. In addition, a northern orientation had to resolve itself within the southern axial grids. The design maximizes the spatial relationship between the home and the outdoor […]

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At T-Squared Architecture, we value our commercial interiors work every bit as much as our custom residential design. In fact, our professional experience begins with many years of commercial design. Now our commercial designs offer our clients dedicated focus on budget and schedule while challenging our talents in achieving the best organizational and functional models […]

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Located in Los Altos, CA, this home achieves a remarkable 5,300 sq.ft. in its three levels. Originally from the East Coast, the owners wished to integrate their vision of California Craftsman design with elements of the Cape Cod region of their youth. A South African branch of the family influenced the interior design motif. The […]

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