Commercial Project List

• T² Corporate Offices

• DST, Ltd Corporate Offices, Incline Village, NV

• Computer Curriculum Corporation Corporate Offices Bldg 2

• Computer Curriculum Corporation Corporate Offices Bldg 3

• Computer Curriculum Corporation Bldg 1 Lobby and Reception

• Computer Curriculum Corporation Bldg 1 Expansion Feasibility

• Computer Curriculum Corporation Corporate Sculpture Garden

• Visionary Designs Corporate Offices

• Upshot Corporate Offices

• Sunset Lawn Crematory, Sacramento, CA

• The GAP at the Flood Building (Base Sheets), SF, CA

• San Francisco Junior League Headquarters, SF, CA

• Consider the Lilies Floral Design, Redwood City, CA

• Sol Y Luna ADA modifications & expansion, SF, CA

• Pacific Heights Commons Forensic Survey, Report & Cost Model, San Francisco, CA

∞ JMB Properties, Numerous tenant improvements, various sites

∞ Woodside Properties, Numerous tenant improvements, San Mateo, CA

* Pazzo Cotto Restaurant, San Mateo, CA

∞ A-Gary’s Restaurant, Orange County, CA

∞ Intel Corporation, Numerous Projects, San Mateo, CA

∞ Microsciences International Milpitas, CA

∞ Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Jacksonville, FLA

∞ Glen Helen Ranch Women’s Detention Center, San Bernardino, CA

∞ CJ Bonner Corporation-28 Site Development Packages throughout the United States

∞ Los Angeles Unified School District, AFOC, Mixed Use Development, Los Angeles, CA

∞ Moreno Housing Development, Los Angeles, CA

∞ Venture Law Group, Menlo Park, CA

∞ Willobee, Stuart & Benning Law Offices, San Jose, CA

∞ Palmdale Office Building, Palmdale, CA

∞ L.A. Unified School District, Numerous projects, LA, CA

∞ Coastline Business Park, Orange County, CA

∞ Portofino Mariani Housing, Cupertino, CA

∞ Olivetti Advanced Technology Center, Cupertino, CA


• T² Projects   ∞ Projects by Mr. Todd while at other firms   * Projects in association with other firms

The projects listed above illustrate only a partial listing of projects Mr. Todd has supervised or designed.